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Celebrating Its 40th. Anniversary Nov. 21, 2004
The Verrazanno-Narrows Bridge On GRAVESEND BAY

GRAVESEND BAY...The SEAWALL...The 6-Mile Long Promenade Runs From The Southern Foot Of Bay Parkway, Opp. (Caesar's Bay Shopping Center), Runs North Along The Bay Ridge Anchorage, And Ends At Bay Ridge Avenue/The "69th. Street Pier."
The Seawall Runs Paralell To The Eastbound Belt Parkway. Popular Fishing Spots Are Just Near Bay Parkway, Bay 8th, St., Bay 14th. Street, Just Under &Opposite The VZ Bridge, And 79th.-81 Street's. Great Year-Round Fishing Spot. This Area Is Under NYC DPR, And D.O.T. Jurisdiction. A "Roach Coach" Parks In The Vehicle Rest Spot, Between Bay Pkwy. & 14th. Ave.. No Bathrooms Near That Spot, Except By Bay Pkwy.. We Suggest You Get Your Food At Caesar's Bay, Or Bring It With You.

2.) The 69th. STREET PIER...Located At 69th. Street And Shore Road, In Bay Ridge, Is Another Popular Year-Round Fishing Spot. Parking Nearby Is A Problem. You May Have To Park, Then Walk A Distance To The Pier. On A Great Day, Or Night, As You Can See From The Photo Below,The Pier Gets Crowded With Anglers. Bikers, Joggers, Roller Bladders, Others, As Well. In Extreme Weather Situations, Anglers And Pier-Users Alike Avoid Going There. This Pier Is Under NYC DPR Jurisdiction. "Seasonable Portable Johnny's" Located Nearby. A Seasonal "Roach Coach" Offers Hot Dogs, Etc. When He Is Around. Short 2-3 Block Walk To Deli's On 69th. Street.


BAY RIDGE Official Website

The North 40 Seawall At Floyd Bennett Field

FLOYD BENNETT FIELD...Former Home To NYC's First Municipal Airport, Former US Naval Air Station...Noe Part Of US National Park Service/Gateway Natl. Recreation Area. Federal Property And Jurisdiction, Patrolled By Park Rangers And U.S. Park Police (Their Hq Is There). The Seawall In The "North 40" Area Of Floyd Bennett Is The Parks Official Fishing Spot. Forget The "Launch Ramp" By The NYPD Facility. Parking Is By Yearly Permit Only, Which Now Costs $50.00. Great Year-Round Spot On Jamaica Bay. There Are No Food Facilities, And "Portable Johnny's" Are Located At Various Spots.



RED HOOK...The COLUMBIA STREET PROMENADE Is Located At The Southern Tip Of Columbia Street At The Buttermilk Channel. Benches, Plenty Of Parking. Local Anglers Swear By This Spot. To Date A Few Fellows Anglers And I Had No Luck There. No Bathrooms Nearby. The NYPD Has Its "Vehicle Evidence" Storage Facility There (Long Blue Building), And It Is Under 24-Hour Physical And Video Surveillance. In These Days Of Heightened Terror Threat Activity, Any And All Illegal Activity Will Be Noticed AT This Location. It Is Located Behind The Bklyn.-Battery Tunnel Hq.. Follow Signs Along Columbia St. That Say "NYPD Pier" To Get There.

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RED HOOK Website

Better Photo Coming Shortly!


GREENPOINT...Brooklyn's Most Northern Community. America's Leading And Prominent Polish Community!.

For Generations, Residents Of Greenpoint, Northside, Southside And Williamsburg Had Been Fishing Off Of Old Docks Along The East River, And In Both Newtown Creek And Dutch Kills. But Thanks To The NYS Dept. Of Parks & Historical Preservation, There Is A Popular Pier Located Nearby, Just Over The Pulaski bridge In "Long Island City, Queens". It Is Called GANTRY WEST STATE PARK. The Former LIRR Freight Barge Facility, Located At The Westend Of 50th. Street On The East River. The Piers Directly Face The United Nations Building. Park Rangers Are On-Duty 24/7/365. It Is Open From Daybreak till 10:00 p.m.. Parking Is Often A Big Problem. One Pier Is Dedicated Soley To Fishing. Its Behind The Ranger Station. It Has A Steel Table, Running Tap Water, More. If You Live In Manhattan, And Seek A Great Fishing Spot, Take The "F" Train To The "Vernon-Jackson" Station In LIC. Walk East (Along The Block Where The NYPD 108th. Precinct Is Located) And The Pier Is Just 3-4 Blocks Further. Nearst B&T Is "Dream Fishing Tackle" On Manhattan Ave. North Of Bedford Ave. In The Heart Of Greenpoint. We RECOMMEND This Spot! Additional Note: Just Adjacent To Gantry West (North), Construction Is Underway On The Site Of The Old Pepsi Cola Plant To Create Yet Another Waterfront Park, Which Would Include An Ampitheater, And Other Atractions. The Old Neon Pepsi Sign Was Moved To Another Spot On The Site And Is Still In Existence (Visible From Manhattan Along The East River)..A MUCH BETTER PHOTO IS TO BE POSTED SHORTLY!

1.) LOMZY NYNIANKA POLISH RESTAURANT (Great Food At Reasonable Prices. Great NY Times Rest. Review.): E/S Of Manhattan Avenue Just North Of Bedford Avenue.
2.) RUSS PIZZA: 700 Block Of Manhattan Avenue (Near Eckerd Drugs. Busiest Pizza Place In North Brooklyn). 
3.) PETER PAN DONUTS & MUFFINS: 700 Block Of Manhattan Avenue (Opp. Eckerd Drugs. Nice, Young Friendly Polish Counter Girls To Serve You. Named One Of The Best Donut Shops In All NYC, By Joe Avelar,WNBC- Newschannel4).
4.) The PARK LUNCHEONETTE: (Great Place For Breakfast Or Brunch)-Driggs Ave., West Of Manhattan Ave. (Just Opp. The McCarren Park Playground).

1.) JUNIOR'S CAFE (Superb Italian Food & A Bar): 46-18 VERNON BLVD..
BUTCHERS DELI (Looks A Bit Dingey, But They Make Great Sandwiches,Coffee; Open 24/7; Closest To The Pier): VERNON BLVD. NR. 50 STREET.
PUNJABI INDIAN CUISINE (Recently Named A Best Indian Rest., By WABC7-Eyewitness News): 13-15 43rd. AVENUE (South Of Silvercup Studios 0n 21st. St.).



LIBERTY HEIGHTS...Which Is Actually The Southwest End Of RED HOOK. The Name Reflects Its Great View Of The Statue Of Liberty, Located In The Area Way Behind The Bklyn.-Battery Tunnel. NYC DPR Built And Dedicated A Pier To Fallen Local Resident Fire Capt. Louis Valention, Jr.. He Died In A 5 Alarm Fire, Not On "9/11." Tragic None The Less. I Met Him A Number Of Times While Doing My Tv News Job. "Great Young Guy!." Anyway, Local RED HOOK Anglers Also Swear By This Spot. Friend And I Have Yet To Hook Anything There Too. Note The Fact That Old Pilings Still Exist Under And Near This Pier, So Your Tackle Could Get Hooked. Follow Along "Ferris Street" To Get There. Major Parking Problem Here!.
The Pier Is Under NYC DPR Jurisdiction.

No Photo Available. This Is Another Popular Spot. It Is The Eastend Of The Boardwalk At Manhattan Beach. This Is The Area With The Fence That Seperates The Beach With From The Senior Citizen Facility. Eastend Of Oriental Blvd., Down By Kingsborough Community College. Enter The Park By The Tennis Courts. In The Summer, Most Anglers Fish This Spot After The Beach Closes Each Day, And Before The Lifeguards Come On-Duty. NYC Parks & Recreation Does Not Permit Surf Fishing From The Sandy Beach Area, Or The Jetty Rocks, When Swimming Is In Season. Parking In The Community Is A Major Problem. Stay Off The Rocks Font Of The Boardwalk Area You Will Be Fishing. They Are Highly Dangerous To Climb On.

In Memory Of Councilman James E. Davis...
An Acquaintance, & A Strong Supporter Of Prospect Park, And Its Many Freshwater Anglers!

JAMES DAVIS And I Spoke About Fishing. And We Hoped One Day Would Indeed Do So Together. Yo, "STOP THE VIOLENCE!."

FELLOW ANGLERS...WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!...NYC Park Freshwater Anglers Deserve The Right To Use Pedal And Rental Row Boats On Certain NYC Parks Lakes For "Recreational Fishing." This Includes Central Park, Flushing-Meadows Corona, And Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Example: In Prospect Park, The Prospect Park Alliance, Its Administration Has "Banned" Fishermen From Using Their Seasonal Rental Pedal Boats For Fishing. They Cite "Insurance Liability" As A Factor. "Legal Bullshit!!!." We Point Out That Fact That In Just Prospect Park Alone, "Summer Camp Groups" Who Use The Same Rental Pedal Boats Are Their Biggest Liability, As They Are Un-supervised Kids, They Horse Around On Them, And They Could Be Injured, More So Than A Recreational Fishermen Or Fisher Woman." Yes, Indeed Anglers Have Witnessed This Activity Taking Place. We Ask All Fellow Anglers (Freshwater/Saltwater) To E-Mail, Telephone, Or Write The Following To Say, "We Demand The Rights To Use Pedal And/Or Row Boats For Recreational Fishing Purposes In All NYC Parks!."

E-Mail/Call/Write To: Honorable, Adrian Benepe, Commissioner NYC Parks & Recreation; Honorable Gifford E. Miller, Speaker Of The NYC Council, City Hall; Honorable Julius Speigel,Brooklyn Parks Commissioner (Same Address As The Alliance); The Prospect Park Alliance, 95 Prospect Park West, Bklyn., NY 11205; The Central Park Conservancy; And Your Local City Councilman And State Assembly Member; The NY Civil Liberties Union. "We Have The Right!." Help Us In Achieving This Goal, Which Benefits "You" As Well!.

In NYC, Together And As A Whole, Freshwater And Saltwater Fishermen/FisherWomen Are "The Largest Recreational Sporting Group" Out Of All. Each Year We Add Alot Of $$$ To The City And State's Budgets And Economy, As A Direct Result Of Our Chosen Sport. And We Have A "Major Voice And Electoral Votes That Count" At Election Time. "Your Vote Has An Impact On Their Annual Budget (From The City, State, Federal Government). Let's Show Them "How Much Of A VOTE" We Indeed Do Have, In Respect(s) To Their Annual Appropriated Budgeting!. Join Our Fight...E-Mail, Telephone, Write Them TODAY!. We Also Ask The NYSDEC To Take A Major Stand On This Issuee As Well. For Our NYC Parks, Their Lakes And Ponds, Are "NY State Freshwater Fishing Waters", And "They (NYSDEC) Help Stock Them, And Annually Provides NYC P&R With Funding As Well".

Thank You, And Tight Lines From All NYC Parks Anglers.